Taking Two Steps Back

Taking Two Steps Back

While we were all enjoying this month of love, the CDC delivered some sobering news: HIV rates are no longer falling.

PrEP adoption has sky rocketed over the last few years, but the virus that decimated our communities for so many years, that we once had a handle on, now appears to be on the verge of a comeback in certain communities. The reason for the decline boils down to a lack of effective HIV education prevention, primarily among African American, Latinx and rural communities.

The high we felt from ever falling risk of infection could only last so long....

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Five

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Five

Whether Cupid's arrow has struck you or not today, practicing this week's steps will help you build stronger relationships down the road.

  1. Love yourself
  2. Set boundaries
  3. Respect others
  4. Practice positivity

Today, we're finally talking about your physical sexual health.

I bet some of you thought this series was going to start with condoms. They are certainly important, and you should practice unrolling condoms at home while you're bored. Practicing having healthy relationships is a hell of a lot harder.

Thankfully, you're an expert after just 4 days ;)

Step Five: Be Proactive


The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Four

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Four

Love yourself, set boundaries, and respect others.


At least it is when everything is going right. Unfortunately, that's not how the world works. We're tired, work sucks, etc. and the easiest people to lash out at are the people we love, because we think they're going to stick around.

Before your get to that point, pause for a moment and try this:

Step Four: Practice Positivity

Now, this can be a little misleading. We aren't talking about putting a big smile on your face and faking it. We are suggesting that there's an opportunity...

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Three

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Three

If you've been reading and following our last blogs, then you've had a busy two days of self-affirmations and boundary setting. Today it's time to externalize those practices for your partners.

We're practicing respect for ourselves, and expecting respect from others. Now we need to practice showing respect for others.

Step Three: Do Unto Others

Not sure exactly how to figure out what your partner wants? Thankfully there's some simple questions that can help you figure that out.

"What are you into?"

These four words will get you so far. Imagine, knowing what your partner wants...

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Two

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Two

Stop! Wait a minute.

Haven't read Step One about loving yourself yet?
Go back and catch up. Ready for the next step to Sexual Wellness?

Read on.

Step Two: Define Boundaries

Sure, February is the month for love, but that doesn't mean letting others have whatever they want. Nowhere in the big book of love, does it say you have to light yourself on fire to keep others warm. Let's talk about boundaries and why it's important to set and then keep them.

What are boundaries? describes them this way:

Boundaries are guidelines,...