Let's give 'em something to talk about.

Let's give 'em something to talk about.

While we wait for the Supreme Court to debate whether businesses can refuse employment and benefits to people based on their sexual desires, we’re going to bang another familiar drum:
sexually transmitted infections

Spoiler alert: they keep going up, up, up!

CNN has plenty to say on the topic

Let's get real.

The problem isn't getting an infection, it's not knowing and/or doing anything about it. Enough with the shame, we've got to start taking better care of ourselves and our sexual partners.

If you ride a crowded L train to work every day and catch a cold, nobody's going to shame you. But take your clothes off and have a little fun, and now it's a problem!? Sure, if a coworker started licking the pole on the L train and then started coughing on everyone, we'd all be upset. But most of us aren't getting colds from that really bizarre pole-licking co-worker. We're getting them because a) they happen and b) we all aren't washing our hands enough. Think of safer-sex and getting tested like washing your hands: it's just common courtesy.

It's time to commend people who took the initiative to get tested and let their partners know if something came up, not shame them.

Test. Love. Repeat.

Philadelphia is leading the way on reaffirming healthy sexual behavior. They recently launched the second phase of a sex- and gender-positive campaign around STI testing called Philly Keep On Loving. It's beautifully done, check it out.

Be more like Philly: Get Tested.