The First Leg of the Race

The First Leg of the Race

It feels like a lifetime ago that we started Kalamos, but I remind myself the past six months are but a blip on our years long goal to democratize sexual wellness. We have big dreams, but try to stay grounded in the present, and that's what today is about.

No, it's not a joke. April 1st marks the very start of pilot program. As we work through our partnerships and processes, we're onboarding a few customers to help us work out the kinks before we open up the platform for everyone.

We believe in patient-centric medicine and that means respecting and building on top of our customer's existing health relationships. While we intend to offer telehealth visits for customers not comfortable approaching their own provider about STI testing in the future, our initial beta will take place in two phases.

The first phase will involve patients who are happy to introduce us to their providers and present Kalamos as an alternative to in-lab testing. This will involve a couple extra forms, but we'll have staff ready to answer any questions you or your provider might have. We're looking for about 100 patients for this group.

Our second phase will involve telehealth providers slowly being added state by state where demand is high. We'll be building our provider network based on where our demand is, so if you aren't selected for or aren't comfortable with the first phase, we'll be working hard on a solution for you. We just ask for a little patience while we get our sea legs underneath us.

Again, we're really excited about the future and this company is all about you. If you have any thoughts or questions, please reach out. Use that little chat bubble in the lower right or text us +1 646 798 9284 and we'll get back shortly.