The Big Blog Post About Lube

The Big Blog Post About Lube

Lube. It's time to start using it.

Most people don't use lube, even for anal. I was shocked to learn that. So today, we're going to talk about the three combinations of lube and when and how to use them.

Research says that lube not only reduces tearing and sexually transmitted infections, but also increases pleasure for both parties (or more if that's your thing).

So start using lube! Water, Silicone, or Oil, we don't care.

Water-based Lube

This is the most common type of lube.

If you've picked up free samples at the bar or a Pride event, it's usually water-based. Swing into your local pharmacy, and you're probably going to find a wide array of water-based lubes.

Water-based lubes are typically sticky, and may feel thicker than other varieties; that's usually a good way to identify them, other than the label. The biggest benefit of water-based lubes is that they wash off easily, both from your skin and your sheets.

However, water-based lubes typically dry out more quickly. You can add water or spit to re-hydrate them, but you're probably best off adding a little more lube to the mix at that time too.

Water-based lubes also cause cells to over-absorb water, which damages them, so receptive-anal partners are going to want to take good care of their backside after using water-based lubes.

One other thing to know about water-based lubes - because they are water soluble and wash out of sheets so well, they also wash off in places like the shower. Do not use water-based lubes in the shower!

Silicone-based Lube

Let's address the biggest fallacy around silicone-based lubes right off the bat - they are safe to use with condoms.

While we're on the topic though, silicone-based lubes are not safe to use with sex toys because they are typically made out of silicone. While oil-based lubes can be used with sex toys, they're pretty difficult to wash off, so water-based lubes are best for that.

Silicone lubes are usually described as silky. They're engineered to last a long time, and can help with fitting into tight spaces. You might find a few silicone lubes at your local pharmacy, but sometimes you'll have to visit an adult store, or buy online.

Silicone lubes aren't water soluble, so they're great for the shower. However, that makes them more difficult to wash off, including sheets. We recommend grabbing a couple hand towels from the gym to catch any run off.

We're big fans of silicone lubes because they last a long time, work with condoms, and work in and out of the shower. It's worth trying a few different brands, because they all feel a little bit different.

Oil-based Lube

Let's be honest, this is probably where your journey with lubricants began: Vaseline, Crisco, you know the household items.

Oil-based lubes have a lot of the same beneficial qualities of silicone lubes, however, they are caustic to latex condoms. That means you should only be using them for hand stuff, or with a partner you're comfortable having unprotected sex with.

Some oil based lubes can also irritate vaginas, so you'll want to start small to test them out. Coconut oil has become a popular natural lubricant and does not typically irritate vaginas.

Finding the right lube for you

Finding lubes that work best for you is a trial and error process. Many people report having a bad first experience with store bought lube, and never return to try another.

Spending some along time with you and your prospective lubricant is a great way to narrow down what's going to work between you and your partner(s).

There's so many options, so Kalamos PrEP+ shipments include some lube samples to help you explore. Need more recommendations? Just ask.