The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Three

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Three

If you've been reading and following our last blogs, then you've had a busy two days of self-affirmations and boundary setting. Today it's time to externalize those practices for your partners.

We're practicing respect for ourselves, and expecting respect from others. Now we need to practice showing respect for others.

Step Three: Do Unto Others

Not sure exactly how to figure out what your partner wants? Thankfully there's some simple questions that can help you figure that out.

"What are you into?"

These four words will get you so far. Imagine, knowing what your partner wants to get out of your time together and being able to share what you're hoping to experience as well. Not only is this respectful, it's going to lead to a way better love life!

"What's your favorite lube?"

This is a low key way to talk about safer sex. Whether it happens naturally, or you need to eventually ask outright, lube is an easy way to start the conversation about safer sex and what your partner is comfortable with. Also, if you don't know about all the different types of lube, head over to our big blog post about lube.

"Want to keep exploring?"

Ok, maybe you don't want to, and that's okay to share. You can say you had fun (or didn't), shake hands and part ways.

But if you have fun and you'd like to meet up again, it's important to decide on communication boundaries early. If you both want to, take the ambiguity out and decide when and how you're going to communicate again.

In asking these questions, you're respecting you partner and giving them an opportunity to set boundaries as well. Like all our recommendations, these things take practice, and can be awkward at first, but keep at it.

Sometimes relationships are hard. Who are we kidding, they are seemingly always hard. We need strategies for working through those rocky periods, so tomorrow we'll talk about practicing positivity.

See you then!