Tuesday Reads 11/19

Tuesday Reads 11/19

Happy Tuesday!

No, actually, we gathered some good news for you!

We've got news about treatment and prevention, recognition of current and past queer people, and highlights about queer education and entertainment.

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Home HIV tests detect more infections

The AP was the first to report new findings that patient self-collection leads to more diagnoses and treatment. This fits well within our vision of the future of sexual healthcare, so it's great to read!

PrEP4All lawsuit update

Surprising a lot of people, the Trump administration has announced that they are suing Gilead for patent infringement around PrEP. In related news, the NYC Comptroller is seeking to clawback Gilead executive wages for overcharging patients. Exciting times!

Recognizing trans change makers

It's the final day of Trans Awareness Week and CNN has put together a brief list of trans persons that have made an impact in 2019. We stan for them!

Speaking of queer history...

We found this article about the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation launching a committee to research the history of gender and sexually nonconforming people to be super interesting.

Creating a more inclusive curriculum

While Colonial Williamsburg works on bringing inclusivity to the past, Stonewall UK has announced a framework for making current curriculum more inclusive.

And to round out your Tuesday...

Here's something fun - Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, and Idina Menzel walk into a London gay bar and perform a rousing rendition of Let It Go. Definitely go watch, especially if you need something fun.