Tuesday Reads 11/5

Tuesday Reads 11/5

A new newsletter format

For the next few weeks, I'm switching up the Tuesday newsletter format. I'll be grabbing a bunch of interesting articles loosely related to Kalamos and giving a little teaser on them. That way, you can pick a few things you're interested and better understand where I'm working from.


Hope in a Box

TeenVogue introduced me to this amazing project. Hope in a Box collaborates with rural public schools to make classrooms more LGBT-friendly with inclusive books and curriculum.

Medicaid: Lost in the mail

Kaiser Health News is always covering intriguing topics. This week, they look at the unintended consequences of trying to tighten Medicaid coverage: canceled coverage because of Post Office errors.

Men's Bathroom Culture

Some people get very worked up about transpeople using the bathroom of their gender identity, but have you ever thought about what it's like in a men's bathroom? Jackson Bird paints a less-than-pretty picture.

The Case of the Fecal Transplant

This doesn't obviously fall in sexual wellness, but I've been seeing more written about fecal transplants to treat with antibiotic resistant STIs. Doctors at Mass General published the first paper on a complicated death from a fecal transplant.

PIZZA - the hottest discoteque

NewNowNext compiled some truly amazing vintage queer ads. If you're looking for something fun to scroll through, this is definitely your link.

Outsports expands podcasts

I love podcasts, so I couldn't miss this announcement. Outsports, part of SBNation, is agressively expanding their slate of podcasts to run 6 days a week. If you're interested in LGBTQ representation in sports, look no further.

One Last Thing

My friend from middle school shared his 10 year journey with testosterone and then person it allowed him to become on Instagram this week.

Just realized today that my impending 32nd birthday marks almost a decade that I’ve been on testosterone (thank you @rayrayjay for giving me my first shot ❤️). For the longest time, literally until last year, I saved all my old vials in a shoebox. I felt unable to let them go, not sure what to do with the strong emotional pull and sense of gratefulness I had towards them for allowing me to become myself. It was not until I realized that I have always been myself that I was able to finally let them go. Testosterone is a tool that I use to feel more happy and comfortable in my body, but it does not make me a man. Some trans people are unable to access hormones, or don’t want to. We are all equally valid in our genders regardless of how we look or what medical interventions we have had or not had. I never became a man, I simply am one. #transgender #transgenderawarenessmonth

It's worth the read so many times over. Take some time to let it sink in.

I'm so proud of know you Kirby!