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The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Two

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step Two

Stop! Wait a minute.

Haven't read Step One about loving yourself yet?
Go back and catch up. Ready for the next step to Sexual Wellness?

Read on.

Step Two: Define Boundaries

Sure, February is the month for love, but that doesn't mean letting others have whatever they want. Nowhere in the big book of love, does it say you have to light yourself on fire to keep others warm. Let's talk about boundaries and why it's important to set and then keep them.

What are boundaries? describes them this way:

Boundaries are guidelines,...

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step One

The Road to Sexual Wellness - Step One

It's Valentine's week, so you're probably being bombarded with ads all over Facebook and Instagram with gifts to buy a special somebody. But what about the most special somebody–yourself.

As we approach Friday, we're posting some short blogs reminding you the 5 Steps to Sexual Wellness.

Step One: Love Yourself

You may scoff at it, but we must appreciate and love ourselves before we can truly give others the ability to love us.

Unfortunately, many of us haven't ever been taught how to really love ourselves, and so it takes practice. We're certainly not perfect, and you...

5 Steps to Better [Sexual] Wellness

5 Steps to Better [Sexual] Wellness

1. Respect Yourself

Ru Paul says it best - “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Being intimate with another person is incredibly vulnerable. Having confidence and loving yourself makes it so much easier to be vulnerable with someone and enjoy your time together. Try these three things to appreciate yourself more in 2020:

Build your self-esteem. Love yourself inside.

When’s the last time you said something nice about yourself to yourself? Chances are, it’s been a minute. Take time every day to remind yourself of all the great...

Tuesday Reads 1/14

Tuesday Reads 1/14

I'm back after a long holiday break and a nasty fight with a flu. This week's news offered a number of anecdotes that related closely to conversations I had with my family over the break.

One topic that "normative" people are increasingly curious about is why gender-identity is being discussed more and more. Gender-identity is different than what sexual organs a person has or who that person is sexually attracted to. Gender-identity is how the individual thinks about themselves as they interact with the world.

Just this past weekend, Janelle Monae shared that she identifies as non-binary. That just means she...

Tuesday Reads 12/17

Tuesday Reads 12/17

Bon Voyage!

Many of you will be traveling over the next couple weeks for the holidays to see your inherited and/or chosen families, so be safe!

If you're queer, we know these times can be particularly stressful, so don't forget to reach out to your support structure when you need it.

If you're an ally, understand that holidays can stir up a lot of emotional discomfort for non-hetero-normative people. Give them space if they need it, and be open to just listening.

Hopefully everyone has a fun and safe holidays. We'll try and write you while we're traveling as well.