Tuesday Reads 11/12

Tuesday Reads 11/12

Ups and Downs

A reminder that the epidemic isn't over, the march towards progress, and the battle for acceptance.

This week's collection of articles felt all over the place. Good and bad, up and down, the world of healthcare and equality are always a mixed bag.


New HIV strain discovered

After 19 years, a new strain of HIV has been identified. No need to panic, but it is a reminder that we've still got a long way to go in Ending the Epidemic and curing HIV.

Black Womxn For endorses Warren


Tuesday Reads 11/5

Tuesday Reads 11/5

A new newsletter format

For the next few weeks, I'm switching up the Tuesday newsletter format. I'll be grabbing a bunch of interesting articles loosely related to Kalamos and giving a little teaser on them. That way, you can pick a few things you're interested and better understand where I'm working from.


Hope in a Box

TeenVogue introduced me to this amazing project. Hope in a Box collaborates with rural public schools to make classrooms more LGBT-friendly with inclusive books and curriculum.

What is PrEP?

What is PrEP?

PrEP–Pre-exposure Prophylaxis–commonly refers to drugs taken before exposure to prevent HIV infections. In France, they’ve begun trials for a proactive medication regimen to prevent syphilis; they’re also referring to it as PrEP. This raises an important question, if PrEP can prevent syphilis and HIV, but are different protocols, what then is PrEP?

Scientific advances have started to free a generation of gay men from the shackles of the historic trauma of the AIDS Crisis. For many people, Truvada has replaced other forms of responsibility adopted during the epidemic. Expanding our definitions of PrEP is critical to further empowering and...

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

You are not chewed gum.

Advocates for Youth and Trojan launched a campaign to bring science-based sexual education to all kids.

Did you know anti-choice activists tell teens that if they have sex before marriage, future partners will look at them like chewed gum? I wonder if those same "activists" eat their eggs raw... Robbing kids of sex education doesn't work, and shaming them is cruel.

Read more on Teen Vogue

Taking Care of Business

Do you know how to take care of yourself and your partner(s)?
Odds aren't great when only 13 states mandate factually...

Community Centered Care

Community Centered Care

Community Care

The UN has adopted a high-level political declaration that healthcare is a right, not a commodity. World Leaders are pushing for universal health coverage (UHC), but that won't be possible without community integration.

All healthcare is local.

STAT has opinions

Community in the age of Facebook

Finding affirmation online has allowed distributed minorities to thrive, but the intersectional nature of physical communities is what makes us human.

I wrote about Frank Ocean's party on Tuesday. Turns out, he also directly responded to his fans on...Tumblr?

I was initially pretty surprised that Ocean chose Tumblr,...