Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

You are not chewed gum.

Advocates for Youth and Trojan launched a campaign to bring science-based sexual education to all kids.

Did you know anti-choice activists tell teens that if they have sex before marriage, future partners will look at them like chewed gum? I wonder if those same "activists" eat their eggs raw... Robbing kids of sex education doesn't work, and shaming them is cruel.

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Taking Care of Business

Do you know how to take care of yourself and your partner(s)?
Odds aren't great when only 13 states mandate factually...

Community Centered Care

Community Centered Care

Community Care

The UN has adopted a high-level political declaration that healthcare is a right, not a commodity. World Leaders are pushing for universal health coverage (UHC), but that won't be possible without community integration.

All healthcare is local.

STAT has opinions

Community in the age of Facebook

Finding affirmation online has allowed distributed minorities to thrive, but the intersectional nature of physical communities is what makes us human.

I wrote about Frank Ocean's party on Tuesday. Turns out, he also directly responded to his fans on...Tumblr?

I was initially pretty surprised that Ocean chose Tumblr,...

Blonde Blended

Blonde Blended

PrEP+ Backlash

Frank Ocean is back with an NYC party to "pay homage to what could have been of the 1980s NYC club scene if [PrEP] had been invented in that era.”

The reception wasn't all that warm.

Jesse Dorris at Pitchfork gives his two cents

All PR is Good PR?

Do expensive t-shirts, exclusive invites, and no brochures in the club outweigh the national conversation about PrEP started by Ocean?

Every year, 40,000 Americans become newly infected with HIV. One in seven Americans with HIV doesn't know their status. Thankfully, with treatment people with HIV...

Not your parents' computer virus

Not your parents' computer virus

Dating Around

Online dating and sexually transmitted infections are at an all time high. It's got people wondering, might they be correlated?

Umm, yeah. And maybe in more ways than you think...

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For Fucks Sake

Fucking is great - keep doing it. Just try and treat your hook up how you'd treat a friend.

You up?

Being horny is completely natural, and so is doing something about that—whether that's alone, with a partner, or even a group. Orgasms are healthy. They relieve stress, help you sleep, release endorphins, reduce pain, increase...

Now Your See Me

Now Your See Me

Archie Gets Better

Last Friday, Archie Comics released a series of comic strips around LGBTQ acceptance for National Coming Out Day.

Archie actually introduced it's first gay character in 2010!

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Representation Matters.

Why is it so important that Archie has LGBTQ characters and how does that affect Kalamos?

Sexual health disparities are largely about access. Because these access gaps disproportionately affect gender and sexual minorities, sexual health is deeply interwoven with queer culture. When media features diverse characters, it allows us to see ourselves in their shoes, to achieve what they...