Additional Provider Information

Kalamos simplifies routine sexual health screenings for your practice

What Kalamos Does

We manage the logistics of self-collection kits & reporting for patients and providers.

Our kits are designed for 3 site bacterial screening and a dried blood spot card for viral and creatinine screening. They are best suited for routine PrEP screening.

When to work with Kalamos

We add value to the patient experience for non-acute sexual health screenings.

If a patient is experiencing symptoms and can get to a physical lab, Kalamos is not the recommended screening option.

If a patient is getting regularly screened, we can reduce unnecessary, and/or cumbersome labs by proactively shipping a kit to the patient.

Timeline for Care

Expect 10-14 days from order to results

After a provider's credentials are verified, we will need a lab requisition form. This can be filled out online. Our partner lab will produce credentials so that you always have a historical view of the tests you've ordered.

Depending on the distance from our shipping facilities, a kit will arrive to your patient in 3-5 business days. Kits are returned by the patient via priority mail and processed within 3 days of receipt.

We will notify the provider when results are ready for their patients. We will also provide a follow up requisition form so that you're capable of ordering the patient's next test ahead of time.

Given the shipping timelines, we recommend provides order kits 10-14 days before they wish to have the results.

Self-collection Research

For decades, researchers have found self-administered swabs offer an effective alternative to clinician-administered swabs.

Since 2002, dried blood spot has been considered a viable collection methodology for HIV testing in remote, tropical areas.

Transparent Costs

Cash Pay

We charge a flat fee of $200. We can provide an itemized receipt for insurance submission


We charge an administrative and shipping fee of $30.

Be Aware

If a patient uses insurance, we will attempt to collect reimbursement. Our lab is out-of-network for many insurance providers and the patient may have to resubmit the claim manually.

The ACA mandates coverage of HIV and Syphilis testing, so patients should expect coverage of those tests. We’re always working to lower prices and cover more patients.

When you're ready to order your patient's self-collection kit, please contact