PrEP Providers - We're looking for beta testers!

Patient FAQ

Who is Kalamos Care for?

Kalamos Care is for anyone who cares about their sexual health!

Member benefits will grow over time, but Kalamos will always be a community for people that want to take pride in being healthy.

Today, you can get your medication for PrEP delivered directly to your door for free AND we'll throw in some freebies as a thank you for staying protected.

Do you prescribe PrEP?

At the moment, we do not. We support patients with existing prescriptions, but can help you find a community based organization to prescribe you PrEP.

We can transfer your prescription, or we can share instructions for your provider to send a new prescription directly to us. Just reach out.

Have you talked with your provider yet?

If not, check out this helpful guide about discussing PrEP with your provider. Remember, joining Kalamos is about taking your sexual healthcare into your own hands. You should be proud of that. We're here to help make it simple.