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Bring sexual wellness benefits to your company

Sexual Wellness is Wellness

Our most taboo health concerns often go untreated. When it comes to sexual wellness, ignorance is not bliss. Untreated infections can lead to dramatic increases in cancer and infertility.

For many patients the cost and inconvenience of accessing preventative care are barriers too high to overcome. Less than 50% of men have ever been tested, even though the ACA mandates coverage for HIV and syphilis testing.

The good news though, is that through proactive testing, treatment, and therapy, patients will remain healthy and happy. Employee wellness programs like gym memberships and smoking cessation programs allow employees to proactively reduce their health risks.

Now, you can offer proactive sexual wellness benefits to your employees.

Controlling Risk

Federal subsidies for sexual health screening continue to decrease, while federal mandates on private insurance increase. Under the ACA, HIV and syphilis screenings must be covered. In New York, HIV prevention drugs must be provided to patients with no cost-sharing; a policy that will be nationwide in 2021.

The costs of STIsboth direct and indirectare already hitting your balance sheet. Even when an employee is being proactive, opaque lab bills, pharmacy pricing, and primary care visits make it nearly impossible to understand the magnitude.

Kalamos can help you define a set of preventative benefits for your employees with transparent pricing. We can also help guide your employees to affirmative, cost-effective care to reduce long-term costs. Best of all, your employees will love that you're looking out for them!

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