Play Safe

Sex is most enjoyable when you have peace of mind. While condoms and lube reduce infections, they can also prolong pleasure.

Condoms come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures. Don't just trust the first one you pick up off the shelf will work, test a few.

The same goes for lube. Water-based, silicone-based, creams,the options are aplenty. Try a few with self-pleasure first.

Be PrEP-ared

PrEP is a prophylactic medication that, when taken properly, greatly reduces the risk of HIV infection.

While HIV is very treatable, PrEP may be a suitable preventative medication for sexually active individuals.

PrEP is even more effective when used with lubes and condoms, so Kalamos is partnering with manufacturers to include samples with our patients' shipments.

Consider PrEP Delivery