Talking with your provider about Kalamos

Approaching your provider about a change to your care procedures can be a daunting conversation. We've tried to put together a few points that will help you.

How will your relationship change with your provider?

First and foremost, Kalamos isn't here to disrupt your existing relationship with your provider. Our testing kits are just intended to increase convenience and compliance by allowing patients to self-collect.

We believe in patient-centric care where possible. That means we want to enhance the relationship you have with your existing care providers. In the case that you don't have access to care, we will work with you to establish a relationship with an appropriate provider.

What does self-collect mean?

A lot like what you probably think. The patient is responsible for their swabs and blood spot collection. Instead of having a patient schedule and visit a lab/collection facility, we ship a kit with all the necessary devices and return packaging directly to you.

Though slightly different, studies have shown patients both more effective and comfortable collecting their own HPV vaginal swabs. With all medical care, it's important to discuss best practices with your provider.

How does dried blood spot (DBS) testing for HIV and syphilis work?

Few commercial labs have gone through the rigor of validating their dried blood spot assays, or tests, because consumer interest in them is so new. However, universities like Johns Hopkins and Emory have been investing in DBS to test for HIV, syphilis, Hep B, and creatinine for over five years.

To date, these tests are qualitative, meaning they can simply confirm or deny the existence of a virus or antibody, but are insufficient at measuring the levels. We're closely watching the science and pushing our labs to support the latest technologies.

Is this safe?

All our labs are CLIA and CAP accredited. All our devices are FDA approved. All our assays/tests are validated. Kalamos' mission is safer, sexier health.

We recognize this is a change to many established care models and that requires a lot of trust between you and your provider. If you're serious about being a heather, happier sexual person, Kalamos can definitely be a safe option.

If your provider has questions, we also have a page dedicated to their general concerns.

If you have additional questions, please never hesitate to reach out.