Sex Happens

Chances are your sex ed program wasn't particularly robust. Uncertainty or ambiguity can make sex overwhelming.

Even worse, most of us have been instilled with a sense of shame around sexually transmitted infections. Nobody shames you for mono.

It's time we change our approach from reactive and fear-based, to proactive and empowering.

Stay in the game

Don't let your questions or concerns keep you from enjoying your life.

Whether you test positive for an STI and need some medication or you have questions about a problem you're having during intimacy, we're here to help.

Contact us with questions about how to talk to providers about any sexual health issues you may be experiencing.

If you're experiencing symptoms or have acute concerns, we suggest visiting a clinic to be seen immediately. AidsVu provides and excellent map for finding testing services.

If you don't currently have a healthcare provider, or are looking for a more LGBTQ-friendly healthcare provider, we suggest checking OutCare.